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Lizzie 1: Cover

Welcome to Rivertown!.

It's 1999 and the world is ending! It is probably not ending. Either way, you still have to go to school.

That's a wrap on chapter 2!

Well, that's all for Chapter 2, the next chapter is going to be GAME DAY. These girls are so lucky, they're heading into September, but I'm stuck in June. I hate heat so much.

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My train of thought always goes back to Vancouver.

The first panel on the second page is on one of the BC Ferries taking the voyage from Tsawwassen to Vancouver Island, on what would be an arguably sunny day in February (visibility is pretty good at least). We didn’t have a lot of money at the time, so ferry trips were special and whenever I think of the West Coast, I think of the BC Ferry line. I may be a little obsessed with them.

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Beginning from the end

Rivertown- hopefully with a hook this time!

I discovered that there is a reason why people put filters on famous works of art or just paste them into a piece instead of trying to marry styles together. I really couldn’t do justice to any of these pieces, but I did learn a lot from all of them.

I didn’t want to do justice to Thomas Cole’s Destruction because it’s a giant content warning and that didn’t fit in with what I was trying to do here, but the architecture, the headless statue, and the smoke and fire were inspiring. Imagine what’s on the last part of the page as a restoration of Christ fresco compared to the real thing. Seriously, look up The Course of Empire paintings if you have a chance.

Also seen here are Bert the Turtle from the Duck and Cover short film, a section of the Bayeux Tapestry, and a poor rendition of the Colossus of Constantine.

This page took forever because of a combination of that last panel and fear of starting over. I’m going to start hammering these pages out as quickly as I can from now on because there’s a lot I want to get done and I need to make up for lost time.

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Trying again

Hi guys! Rosie here. Those of you were here before know this isn't the first time I've demolished everything and started over, but this is the last time. If you liked the way the comic was before I give my half-hearted apologies. I didn't like the pacing and the emotional overtones were jarring at best.

This is closer to the pace that I wanted for most of the comic.

Anyway, here we go!

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